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Baltimore ARC Badge

Badge with Slot,
Strap & Swivel
Alligator Clip

Baltimore ARC Badge

Badge with
Safety Pin fastener

(on back)

Note: Both badges measure 2" by 3".

The Baltimore Amateur Radio Club (BARC) is a non-profit public service organization located in Baltimore, Maryland. The BARC was formed to promote use of Amateur Radio operator skills by providing communications services to the local community while sharing the hobby with all interested individuals. BARC also encourages equipment experimentation and development of specialized radio skills to enhance the communications technology.

The Baltimore Amateur Radio Club badge is made using our full color process. Be sure to visit our full color web page to see other items that you may order with the BARC logo.

The BARC club logo appears at the top-center of the badge in full color. The call sign matches the background color of the BARC logo with a thin black outline. The member's name appears in the same color as the logo lettering while the city & state appear in black.

The badge on the left uses the vertical format while the badge on the right is made using the horizontal format. Either badge with a safety pin fastener is $13.50.

The left badge displays our special slot & strap fastener that also features a swivel alligator clip for very versatile use. The slot & strap fastener is a $3 option (total badge price $16.00).

Either BARC badge may be ordered with any of our fasteners. Click here to see optional fasteners.

For additional information on the Baltimore Amateur Radio Club, please visit their web site or write to: BARC, PO Box 120, Reisterstown, MD 21136-0120. You may also send an e-mail to: info @ (remove spaces to validate e-mail address).

To order, please select the Baltimore ARC club using the CLUB ITEMS drop-down menu on our order form.

All badges include our special high-quality locking safety pin in the base price.

For your convenience, we offer a variety of popular attachment alternatives. Click here to see our fasteners.

Attachment options include:

Remember to select the desired fastener on the order form under the Badge Fastener selection.

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