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The Colorado ARES/RACES Disaster Response Team (CODRT) is a mobile and portable emergency communications unit with its own staff and resources, designed to bring ARES/RACES organization and communication support to emergency management in areas of Colorado that do not have an active emergency communications group. The DRT is also available to provide mutual aid in the form of additional or specialized resources to existing ARES or RACES groups when requested.

The CODRT is organized and authorized within the Colorado Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARESCO) as a function of District and as a RACES unit under Colorado RACES and the Colorado Division of Emergency Management (CDEM). Wes Wilson (KHBZ) serves as both ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC) and RACES Officer (RO). The CODRT complies fully with provisions of the Colorado Emergency Radio Plan (COPLAN).

The CODRT was first authorized on February 28, 2004 and procedural development is an ongoing process - information on their web site is a "work-in-progress" and will be updated and revised as development progresses. For additional information, please e-mail Wes, KHBZ.

The Colorado DRT badge is $13.50 (includes our standard safety pin fastener). Click here to see other fastener choices.

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Attachment options include:

  • Locking safety pin - included with badge
  • Permanent swivel alligator clip, add $1.50
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  • Removable alligator adapter (attaches to safety locking pin and can be removed as desired), add $2.50
  • Extra strong "no holes" magnetic bar, add $2.75
  • Magnetic Over-the-Pocket pouch, add $7

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