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The Flying Pigs QRP Club International is a group of amateur radio operators specializing in communicating with low power (less than 5 watts). Here's some info about the Flying Pigs group:
  • Motto: No Rules, No Dues, Just Fun

  • Purpose: Strive to promote the art, skill, and fun of operating low power Amateur Radio Communications and Homebrewing radio gear to our fellow Amateur Radio Operators world-wide.
With over 200 members in 40+ states and several countries, members communicate "on-the-air" as well as by e-mail or on the AIM chat network. Bi-weekly radio nets occur on 7046KHz every Wednesday and Sunday at 2100 ET. Other activities also include a truffle hunt, which is similar to a QRP-L Fox Hunt on 40 meters and an e-mail reflector list. The reflector exchanges messages with information about building homebrew equipment, operating tips and a lot of poking fun with other members.

For additional information on the Flying Pigs QRP group, please visit their web site or send an e-mail to Jim, WEB.

Flying Pigs Badge
Flying Pigs QRP Name Badges

The Flying Pigs QRP badge measures 2" by 3" and displays the FP logo in black & pink with the other information in black.


The price above includes our special high-quality locking safety pin.

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Flying Pigs Hat
Flying Pigs QRP Hat

The Flying Pigs QRP hat has your call, name and FP membership number with four flying pigs on our special white full fabric golf cap.


Flying Pigs QRP Coffee Mug Flying Pigs QRP Coffee Mug
Flying Pigs QRP Coffee Mug

We use the highest quality
11 ounce ceramic coffee mugs available.

One side of the FP mug displays the FP oval logo while the other side has your call, name, FP# and city & state. The call and name are in pink with a black outline. The 3rd and 4th lines are in black.

Please specify whether you are right-handed or left-handed and which information you would like to face out when drinking from the mug.


Flying Pigs Keychain
Flying Pigs QRP Keychain

The Flying Pigs QRP keychain measures 2" tall and 1½" wide. This style of keychain is scratch resistant as the color images are permanently embedded into the material.


2001 The SignMan of Baton Rouge

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