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The GERATOL NET is a group of hams that operate in the U.S. Extra Class phone sub-band of 75 meters. The net participants include hams of all ages, both OMs (men) and YLs (ladies) from all 50 states and the Canadian provinces.

"GERATOL" is the acronym for: Greetings Extra Radio Amateurs Tired of Operating Lately.

The GERATOL NET was formed in 1972, and has steadily grown into one of the most congenial and dedicated groups of operators to be found anywhere on the ham bands.

The purpose of the Net is to assist U.S. Amateur Extra Class and Canadian operators to obtain the GERATOL NET 75 METER 2-LETTER EXTRA CLASS WORKED-ALL-STATES AWARD, also known as the Unbelievable Operating Achievement Award.

For additional information on the GERATOL group, please visit their web site.

Using e-mail, Amateurs in the United States may contact Dick, K9FA. Canadian Amateurs may contact Doug, VA7DP.

GERATOL Coffee Mug GERATOL Coffee Mug
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