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The International Police Amateur Radio Club (IPARC) members belong to law enforcement agencies from all over the world who share the hobby of Amateur Radio. The United States IPARC group was formed in 1966 and has been active and growing since then.

The IPARC badge is made using our full color process. Be sure to visit our full color web page to see other items that you may order with the IPARC logo.

The IPARC logo appears at the top-center of the badge in full color. Your call sign, first name and IPARC membership number appear in black. The IPARC name badge as shown with the slot & strap with swivel alligator clip is $14.50 (includes s&h). Click here to see other fastener choices.

For additional information on IPARC, please visit their web site or send an e-mail to Alex, N2PIG.

To order, please select the IPARC club using the CLUB ITEMS drop-down menu on our order form. Order placement subject to verification of IPARC and/or IPA membership which we will obtain for you.

Click here to see our optional fasteners.

Attachment options include:

Remember to select the desired fastener on the order form under the Badge Fastener selection.

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