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The Old Man International Sideband Society (OMISS) was formed to promote good will on Amateur Radio, to pass formal, informal and emergency traffic and to work other OMISS members for awards. You do not have to be a member to check in or to use our FREE QSL Bureau, but you must be an OMISS member to participate in their awards program. Awards contacts must be made on the OMISS net.

For additional information on the OMISS group, please visit their web site or send them an e-mail.

OMISS Coffee Mug OMISS Coffee Mug
OMISS Coffee Mug

We use the highest quality
11 ounce ceramic coffee mugs available.

One side of the OMISS coffee mug displays the OMISS logo along with your CALL SIGN, NAME, OMISS MEMBERSHIP NUMBER and the OMISS web site address. The other side of the mug displays the Old Man International Sideband Society text with the first letter of each word in RED.

Please specify whether you are right-handed or left-handed and which information you would like to face out when drinking from the mug.

Price - $15.00
(plus shipping)

2001 The SignMan of Baton Rouge

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