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Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association Badge

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The Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association (PARA) draws its members from Center and Clearfield Counties, Pennsylvania.

PARA is a non-profit association organized to provide technical expertise to the local community through public awareness for the Amateur Radio hobby. They will also help provide a background of information for the non-technical person who is interested in becoming an amateur radio operator.

The membsrship also provides a reservoir full of knowledge and experience for those requiring help with special projects. This assistance extends to help all interested people, especially non-licensed amateurs who show interest in starting out in this life-long hobby for self-enjoyment and personal advancement.

PARA will also gladly provide additional communications for the Philipsburg area by contacting any of its officers or when asked by any official community agency (fire, police, etc.).

For additional information, please visit the PARA web site at

The PARA badge is made using our full color process.

The PARA logo appears in the top-center of the badge placed over your CALL SIGN, NAME and your CITY,STATE, all in matching blue letters.

The PARA name badge is $13.50 and includes our standard safety pin fastener. Click here to see other fastener choices.

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Attachment options include:

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