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Tampa ARC Badge

The Tampa Amateur Radio Club (TARC) is located in Tampa, Florida as was formed to:
  • Stimulate and sustain interest in the Amateur Radio Service.

  • Promote the cooperation and exchange of information, education, and cooperation among the members and the general public.

  • Provide emergency communications in cooperation with authorized agencies in any emergency on the local, state, or national level.

  • Provide training and education of amateur radio operators and to conduct any and all activities incidental to the maintenance of an amateur radio club.

The Tampa ARC holds meetings every Monday night 7:30 P.M., has a net each Tuesday at 8:00 PM and has an Amateur Radio license test session the last Thursday of each month. The TARC Fest is held twice a year in April and August. They also sponsor the 147.105+ (PL 103.5) and 443.025+ (PL 103.5) repeaters serving the greater Tampa area.

The Tampa ARC name badge is made using our full color process. Be sure to visit our full color web page to see other items that you may order with the TARC logo.

The Tampa ARC logo appears at the top-center of the badge in full color. The call sign and name appear in blue.

The Tampa ARC name badge comes with a SAFETY PIN fastener and is $13.50.

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For additional information on the Tampa Amateur Radio Club, please send an e-mail to the club mailbox or visit their web site.

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