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Williamson County ARES - TN Name Badge

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The Williamson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (WCARES) is a public service group of Amateur Radio operators who live in Williamson County, Tennessee and surrounding counties.

The chemistry that makes WCARES so successful is hard to explain. The timing of the startup of the organization, the spirit of people involved, the unparalleled support of the Williamson County Mayor, Board of Commissioners and County Department Directors have all come together in a way that you could not have imagined. In turn, the members of WCARES show their appreciation to the county by working harder and doing more to support the county efforts. The two groups complement each other, and the result is an outstanding relationship which benefits both groups. Much of the success of WCARES goes to the Emergency Coordinators who have led WCARES from its inception to the present time.

Please visit the Williamson County ARES web site for additional information.

The WCARES name badge is made using our full color process and has a white background with the logo in color with your call sign in red, your name in blue and you city/state in black letters.

The badge measures approximately 2" x 3" and is $13.50 which includes the standard safety pin fastener. Other fastener options are available, including the popular Magnetic Bar, please see below. Click here to see other fastener choices.

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Attachment options include:

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